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One woman asked people from around the world to photoshop her to make her look beautiful. The results are really astonishing, and quite interesting as well. Take a quick look at the video below and then read the rest of my comments below!


The beauty concept is complex and largely depends on the beholder’s eyes or how individuals see or perceive things or people. Beauty is attributed to anything that appeals to our personal preferences. How is beauty perceived? Why are some people considered to be more beautiful than others? Culture can also perceive beauty differently. For instance, in Eastern cultures women are considered attractive if they have beautiful feet; modern Western cultures judge women depending on their lips, breasts and bottom.

The following include theories about beauty.

  1. Beauty as Symmetry

Women who have perfectly shaped features are considered more attractive by most people; beautiful faces would be considered as a requirement of proportionate features. This also applies to a woman’s body and the lower waist to hip ratio which contributes to the curviness of the lower part. Women who have curves are said to be beautiful as compared to those that have a shape that is straight.

Women who have shapes that are curvy are said to be sexier thus men find them more attractive. Not all men prefer curvy women whereas not all women would prefer men who are extremely muscular.

This indicates that it is all about moderation or people feel comfortable with different moderations.

  1. Beauty as a holistic view rather than body parts

When the face of a man or woman is considered, beauty is the quality that represents the whole face of the person as compared to particular parts.

Many men prefer a holistic view and their perception to things and therefore a woman is more attractive or beautiful when all the body features are pleasant.

  1. Beauty as projection and fulfillment of wishes

For instance, you may find women with long and attractive hair very beautiful and attractive because what you fancy is projected in that.

  1. Beauty as charm and innocence

A personality that is charming with confidence is rather more attractive than a dull one A highly attractive person has the ability to attract people with their personality. Beauty is also advantageous in the social scene, in that people who are good looking are also successful socially because they get recommendations and positivity from other people.

  1. Beauty as a conception of a given culture and society

As society changes with time, beauty conceptions also change and beauty perceptions varies differently in cultures. For instance, Western societies consider dark skin to be attractive whereas Eastern societies consider whiter skin to be attractive. Western cultures consider hips and women’s lips to be attractive whereas Eastern cultures consider feet and hair.