Facts About Brazilian Hair Weave Closures

Posted on April 21, 2015 Comments

lace closure on a brazilian hair weaveHair closures in the simplest form can be understood as the hair units that are used for attaching the individual hair units. Fabrics like lace and silk are commonly used for attaching these hair strands. Over the years, hair weave closures have witnessed a surge in their popularity and the reasons are many.

However, with the many closure options we have available today, women get confused about which closure is best for them. Below we are offering a brief guide on the basic weave closures that are available today to help you decide which one is best for you:

Silk Based Closures

These closures feature hair strands attached to silk units. These units, apart from being available in a range of scalp tones, also don’t require knot bleaching. As compared to the lace closures, they can be slightly heavier owing to their having more fabric that performs the function of holding the hair strands together. Moreover, they are also available in varying sizes, lengths and texture to meet your needs.

Lace Closures

Lace closures are available in both handmade and machine-made designs. The overall cost of your lace closures is determined by the type of lace closures you use; that is the machine-made or the handmade lace closures. When you part the lace, these closures have a rather unnatural overall appearance.

Many women complain the lace closures give an unnatural look to the scalp owing to the white scalp appearance of the lace closures. This leads to many women bleaching the knots of the lace closures to attain a more natural color and appearance. Similar to the silk-based closures these also come in a range of different sizes, lengths and textures. Moreover, for all those who love Remy hair, the good news is that they are also available on lace closures now.

Invisible Part Closure

Invisible part closures are recognized as the most inexpensive closure units that are available on the market. A distinctive feature of the invisible part closure is that the hair strands in these closures are not attached to any fabric rather this aims for a more natural look by being used along the natural hair parting that gives the appearance as if the hair is protruding from the scalp. For all those who prefer the natural look over any other feature, an invisible part closure is the ideal weave closure that helps you to attain a natural look. Moreover, their low price also makes them accessible and affordable for all consumers.
Based on this information on silk, lace and invisible part closures, you can make a decision regarding which of the weave closures are more suitable for your needs. Rest assured, each of the options described here can do the job and deliver the results you want.

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