How To Style Your Hair For A Pool Party

Posted on October 10, 2015 Comments

hair for pool partyThere are various ways of styling your hair for a pool party. Your hair does not have to get all messy from spending too much time in the pool and you, therefore, do not have to look disgruntled. It all revolves around getting to know your hair and what styles works for it. When you think of styling it, you should consider the fact that chlorine, a chemical present in the pool water, is harmful to your hair; thus you should be able to protect it as much as possible from the dangers it might cause. There are very many products in the market to help you protect your hair and style it as well.

Below are some of the styles you ought to consider wearing to a pool party.

1. High pony

To pull off this style, you need to hold the hair at the middle part of your head and tie it with a band. Let the loose end fall to your back. You might use a leave-in conditioner before tying for protection against chlorine. This style ensures that no hair is on your face; hence you don’t have to struggle with removing the strands from your face now and then. This style is ideal for your round or long face and also is a preferred style for women who wear hair weaves.

2. Braids
Braiding can also be a good way of styling the hair. Hold it at the top and make the three sections, with equal chunks of hair then twist them together while alternating the chunks until you get to the last bit of your hair. You can do these on your own or find someone to do it. Whichever way you decide, you will love the end results.

3. Bun

Tying a bun can bring out various aspects in you. It’s up to you to decide what works for you. There are various types of buns, like:

• Messy bun- To achieve this type of bun, straighten your hair with a comb, but do not brush it. Hold the hair into your hand at the middle, and tie with an elastic band; you might have to do these at least twice to get a firm hold on the last lap of tying; do not pull all your hair out of the band. Let it form a loop at the back.

• Top knot: Brush your hair to remove tangles. Hold it up on your palm. Make sure there are no loose strands. Twist the hair on your palm to form a knot; gently remove your hand from the know and hold the piece in place with a clip or a band.

• Braided bun: Brush your hair and hold it up with a band. Let the loose hair fall on your back then, portion them in three equal parts and twist them together to make a braid. Afterwards, rotate the braided hair to form a knot at the top and use a pin to hold it in place.

• Regular bun: Hold your hair into a pony tail, and then turn it in circles. Use ribbons or bobby pins to hold the hair. This is perfect, because, after the party, when you untie the bun, your hair will have curls on it.  This is also a great style to wear if you are using a hair weave.

With all the buns, be sure to use spritz to hold the hair together and use conditioner to guard it against chlorine.

4. Let it down

This is perfect if you have long hair. Comb and brush your hair smoothly, removing all the tangles. Ensure you use styling gel to keep the hair out of your face. Then you can go and have all the fun at the party.

5. Tie hair at the back

Comb hair perfectly and tie it with a band at the back of your head; use bobby pins or ribbons too if you like, and you will be good to go!
Always ensure that the products you use while styling your hair for the pool party are rich in sunscreen protection ingredients. You do not want to have unhealthy hair after all that fun, right?

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