Interesting Facts About The Hair Weave Industry

Posted on March 11, 2016 Comments

It is not uncommon for women to enjoy wearing wigs, weaves and extensions. In fact, there are many celebrities that have shelves and closets devoted to these fashion/hair accessories. If these hairpieces are made from real human hair, they can cost up to several thousand dollars. However, these hair pieces are not expensive because they are loved by celebrities; they are expensive because there is a high demand for this type of hair all around the world.

There are several facts that you will probably find interesting about the hair weave industry.


One of the most interesting facts about this industry is how lucrative it is. It is a multibillion dollar industry. This industry has such high demand that there have been reports of women having their unwilling hair cut off of their heads by gangs. The hair is then used to make weaves, wigs and extensions. Some hair is even used to make fertilizers.

The amino acids in the hair have even been used to make dough for bread.

It Takes Days To Make High-Quality Wigs

The process to make high-quality wigs from sourced hair is a long process. The hair must be sorted and detangled. It is then carefully inspected to make sure it does not contain lice, nits or eggs. The hair is then washed, dried and dyed before it is used to make a wig.

The Majority Of Human Hair Comes From India And China

The main sources of human hair arrive in the United States and the UK from China and India. Those who are religious make pilgrimages to temples in these countries and shave their heads as a religious act of devotion.

A Pound Of Hair Can Cost Hundreds Of Dollars

Although the hair is not in the best of shape when it arrives at the auction, one pound of human hair can be sold for as much as $700. The hair can contain lice, blood and sweat.
Eventually, the hair ends up in warehouses that are often full of mildew and mold.

Naturally Blonde Hair Is Profitable

If you have naturally blonde hair, and you are willing to shave your head, you may be able to get up $1500 for your shaved locks. For example, there is a report of a woman in India who shaved off her blonde mane, and the hair was later made into a wig that sold for $8000.

Hair And Economics Are Intertwined

Historically, the sale of hair has always gone from the poorer nation to the richer nations. The same movement is present today. Hair from countries such as India is collected and sold to richer areas such as Europe and the United States. A large amount of hair is also sold in Africa.

These are some facts that many people do not know about the hair weave industry. As the demand continues to grow, the more demand it will be for good, quality hair.

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