What Summer Hairstyles Are Popular For Women In 2016?

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summer hairCan you feel summer approaching? It is right around the corner, and everyone is getting ready. It’s time to grab your flip flops, sunglasses and summer clothes and head outside for some summer fun. Of course, you want to look your best, and part of looking your best during summer is that hair. What are the trending summer hairstyles for women in 2016?

There are going to be different hairstyles for different hair types of course. Do you have short hair or long hair? Short hairstyles are of course going to be really popular during summertime since it gets so hot. So even if you have long hair, you might want to put that hair up when that humidity really starts to rise. And, while the sun is going to lighten your hair, have you considered adding some color to your hair?

There is no shortage of pictures if you search women’s hairstyles online. Of course, no two women look the same, so you’re going to want to picture that hairstyle on your head. Do you remember when auburn color hair was the big thing? It’s still really popular, but the big thing now is to lighten that hair, not necessarily going for the full blonde look but adding in those highlights.

I noticed one hairstyle that’s trending that is very interesting. It’s a short hairstyle, with one side of the women’s hair pressed down with the other side relaxed and beautifully full of volume and very soft looking. When you think about your new hairstyle, you’re most certainly trying to make sure your hair not only looks great but has the right feel or texture. If you happen to have really short hair and are looking to showoff a longer hair style, check into using Secret Extensions hair for a quick fix.

Some women don’t like shorter hairstyles, but there is so much you can actually do with short hair. That’s where it’s at with the trendy hairstyles for women are these days, so it might pay to at least look at some pictures to see if you can find your new summer hairstyle. Are you a person that has worn the same hairstyle for years? It’s time for a summer makeover, and hopefully you’re not going to be disappointed.

Get to working on it before summertime so that you can decide whether or not you want to go with something different. Pay attention to women in your area because each place is different, and you’ll get ideas based on your location and what the women feel are good hairstyles for summertime. For example, I live on the beach, so you can imagine I’m going to be seeing all kinds of women showing up this summer sporting whatever they think the best hairstyle is for the beach. Keep in mind that if your wearing hair extensions (especially Luxy Hair), you can also find great ideas for quick weave hairstyles from the website Hair Critics.

Think about your occupation, too. And, while you want your hair to look its best, you also want to be comfortable. Summertime is all about fashion, but it’s about comfortable fashion while you relax in the sun. If you’re still not sure what you want to try, go talk to a stylist who knows hair really well and can make suggestions for you.

Interesting Facts About The Hair Weave Industry

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It is not uncommon for women to enjoy wearing wigs, weaves and extensions. In fact, there are many celebrities that have shelves and closets devoted to these fashion/hair accessories. If these hairpieces are made from real human hair, they can cost up to several thousand dollars. However, these hair pieces are not expensive because they are loved by celebrities; they are expensive because there is a high demand for this type of hair all around the world.

There are several facts that you will probably find interesting about the hair weave industry.


One of the most interesting facts about this industry is how lucrative it is. It is a multibillion dollar industry. This industry has such high demand that there have been reports of women having their unwilling hair cut off of their heads by gangs. The hair is then used to make weaves, wigs and extensions. Some hair is even used to make fertilizers.

The amino acids in the hair have even been used to make dough for bread.

It Takes Days To Make High-Quality Wigs

The process to make high-quality wigs from sourced hair is a long process. The hair must be sorted and detangled. It is then carefully inspected to make sure it does not contain lice, nits or eggs. The hair is then washed, dried and dyed before it is used to make a wig.

The Majority Of Human Hair Comes From India And China

The main sources of human hair arrive in the United States and the UK from China and India. Those who are religious make pilgrimages to temples in these countries and shave their heads as a religious act of devotion.

A Pound Of Hair Can Cost Hundreds Of Dollars

Although the hair is not in the best of shape when it arrives at the auction, one pound of human hair can be sold for as much as $700. The hair can contain lice, blood and sweat.
Eventually, the hair ends up in warehouses that are often full of mildew and mold.

Naturally Blonde Hair Is Profitable

If you have naturally blonde hair, and you are willing to shave your head, you may be able to get up $1500 for your shaved locks. For example, there is a report of a woman in India who shaved off her blonde mane, and the hair was later made into a wig that sold for $8000.

Hair And Economics Are Intertwined

Historically, the sale of hair has always gone from the poorer nation to the richer nations. The same movement is present today. Hair from countries such as India is collected and sold to richer areas such as Europe and the United States. A large amount of hair is also sold in Africa.

These are some facts that many people do not know about the hair weave industry. As the demand continues to grow, the more demand it will be for good, quality hair.

Ways To Retain A Healthy Smile

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Everyone loves having a healthy looking smile. Being able to spread back your lips and impress people with those pearly whites is one of the best feelings you can have. A person’s smile is often their best feature, since it indicates a certain amount of joy and happiness. It makes you seem so much more approachable, as well. I try my best to keep my smile bright, and make regular visits to my favorite dentist where I live. He always stressed the important of keeping a healthy smile – and I tend to listen to people who have been successful in their fields for a great deal of time.

However, if you’re not careful, you could quickly find yourself without a healthy smile. Luckily, keeping your smile healthy isn’t particularly difficult. However, you do have to be dedicated. You can’t simply leave it alone for weeks on end, and then presume your teeth and your smile will be healthy. Quite the contrary! Maintaining a healthy smile involves doing work on your smile daily. It’s not difficult work, but it is work that has to be done consistently. Without this work, your smile will soon look dull!

So how do you keep a healthy smile? Brushing your teeth twice a day is the obvious start. Don’t just rub the brush over your teeth, however! Make sure you’re gently rubbing the bristles in a circular motion. It should take at least two minutes to fully brush your teeth. Make sure you’re also brushing the backs of your teeth. And if you have teeth that are slightly set back from the rest, make sure you take a few moments to get into the crevices. Food and plaque could easily be hiding there in the crevices, so if you don’t take a few moments to really get into them, you could wind up with a cavity!Healthy Smiles

Don’t forget to floss, either. Many people dislike flossing because it can hurt, but if you’re careful, it’s not that bad. The trick is to make sure you’re not rubbing the line of floss directly on your gums. Instead, simply make sure that you’re rubbing the string of floss on the base of your teeth, and in between your teeth. That way, you’re not causing damage to your gums and you’re not having to deal with the pain of rubbing stiff string over your sensitive flesh.

Retaining a healthy smile isn’t difficult, but it is something you have to work on. If you don’t brush and floss consistently, bad things can happen. So make sure you’re doing everything you can to retain a healthy smile. Otherwise, you might find yourself without the teeth you need before long.

Here is the location of my the dentist I was talking about above. If you choose to use him, make sure you tell him I sent you :)


How To Style Your Hair For A Pool Party

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hair for pool partyThere are various ways of styling your hair for a pool party. Your hair does not have to get all messy from spending too much time in the pool and you, therefore, do not have to look disgruntled. It all revolves around getting to know your hair and what styles works for it. When you think of styling it, you should consider the fact that chlorine, a chemical present in the pool water, is harmful to your hair; thus you should be able to protect it as much as possible from the dangers it might cause. There are very many products in the market to help you protect your hair and style it as well.

Below are some of the styles you ought to consider wearing to a pool party.

1. High pony

To pull off this style, you need to hold the hair at the middle part of your head and tie it with a band. Let the loose end fall to your back. You might use a leave-in conditioner before tying for protection against chlorine. This style ensures that no hair is on your face; hence you don’t have to struggle with removing the strands from your face now and then. This style is ideal for your round or long face and also is a preferred style for women who wear hair weaves.

2. Braids
Braiding can also be a good way of styling the hair. Hold it at the top and make the three sections, with equal chunks of hair then twist them together while alternating the chunks until you get to the last bit of your hair. You can do these on your own or find someone to do it. Whichever way you decide, you will love the end results.

3. Bun

Tying a bun can bring out various aspects in you. It’s up to you to decide what works for you. There are various types of buns, like:

• Messy bun- To achieve this type of bun, straighten your hair with a comb, but do not brush it. Hold the hair into your hand at the middle, and tie with an elastic band; you might have to do these at least twice to get a firm hold on the last lap of tying; do not pull all your hair out of the band. Let it form a loop at the back.

• Top knot: Brush your hair to remove tangles. Hold it up on your palm. Make sure there are no loose strands. Twist the hair on your palm to form a knot; gently remove your hand from the know and hold the piece in place with a clip or a band.

• Braided bun: Brush your hair and hold it up with a band. Let the loose hair fall on your back then, portion them in three equal parts and twist them together to make a braid. Afterwards, rotate the braided hair to form a knot at the top and use a pin to hold it in place.

• Regular bun: Hold your hair into a pony tail, and then turn it in circles. Use ribbons or bobby pins to hold the hair. This is perfect, because, after the party, when you untie the bun, your hair will have curls on it.  This is also a great style to wear if you are using a hair weave.

With all the buns, be sure to use spritz to hold the hair together and use conditioner to guard it against chlorine.

4. Let it down

This is perfect if you have long hair. Comb and brush your hair smoothly, removing all the tangles. Ensure you use styling gel to keep the hair out of your face. Then you can go and have all the fun at the party.

5. Tie hair at the back

Comb hair perfectly and tie it with a band at the back of your head; use bobby pins or ribbons too if you like, and you will be good to go!
Always ensure that the products you use while styling your hair for the pool party are rich in sunscreen protection ingredients. You do not want to have unhealthy hair after all that fun, right?

Facts About Brazilian Hair Weave Closures

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lace closure on a brazilian hair weaveHair closures in the simplest form can be understood as the hair units that are used for attaching the individual hair units. Fabrics like lace and silk are commonly used for attaching these hair strands. Over the years, hair weave closures have witnessed a surge in their popularity and the reasons are many.

However, with the many closure options we have available today, women get confused about which closure is best for them. Below we are offering a brief guide on the basic weave closures that are available today to help you decide which one is best for you:

Silk Based Closures

These closures feature hair strands attached to silk units. These units, apart from being available in a range of scalp tones, also don’t require knot bleaching. As compared to the lace closures, they can be slightly heavier owing to their having more fabric that performs the function of holding the hair strands together. Moreover, they are also available in varying sizes, lengths and texture to meet your needs.

Lace Closures

Lace closures are available in both handmade and machine-made designs. The overall cost of your lace closures is determined by the type of lace closures you use; that is the machine-made or the handmade lace closures. When you part the lace, these closures have a rather unnatural overall appearance.

Many women complain the lace closures give an unnatural look to the scalp owing to the white scalp appearance of the lace closures. This leads to many women bleaching the knots of the lace closures to attain a more natural color and appearance. Similar to the silk-based closures these also come in a range of different sizes, lengths and textures. Moreover, for all those who love Remy hair, the good news is that they are also available on lace closures now.

Invisible Part Closure

Invisible part closures are recognized as the most inexpensive closure units that are available on the market. A distinctive feature of the invisible part closure is that the hair strands in these closures are not attached to any fabric rather this aims for a more natural look by being used along the natural hair parting that gives the appearance as if the hair is protruding from the scalp. For all those who prefer the natural look over any other feature, an invisible part closure is the ideal weave closure that helps you to attain a natural look. Moreover, their low price also makes them accessible and affordable for all consumers.
Based on this information on silk, lace and invisible part closures, you can make a decision regarding which of the weave closures are more suitable for your needs. Rest assured, each of the options described here can do the job and deliver the results you want.

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One woman asked people from around the world to photoshop her to make her look beautiful. The results are really astonishing, and quite interesting as well. Take a quick look at the video below and then read the rest of my comments below!


The beauty concept is complex and largely depends on the beholder’s eyes or how individuals see or perceive things or people. Beauty is attributed to anything that appeals to our personal preferences. How is beauty perceived? Why are some people considered to be more beautiful than others? Culture can also perceive beauty differently. For instance, in Eastern cultures women are considered attractive if they have beautiful feet; modern Western cultures judge women depending on their lips, breasts and bottom.

The following include theories about beauty.

  1. Beauty as Symmetry

Women who have perfectly shaped features are considered more attractive by most people; beautiful faces would be considered as a requirement of proportionate features. This also applies to a woman’s body and the lower waist to hip ratio which contributes to the curviness of the lower part. Women who have curves are said to be beautiful as compared to those that have a shape that is straight.

Women who have shapes that are curvy are said to be sexier thus men find them more attractive. Not all men prefer curvy women whereas not all women would prefer men who are extremely muscular.

This indicates that it is all about moderation or people feel comfortable with different moderations.

  1. Beauty as a holistic view rather than body parts

When the face of a man or woman is considered, beauty is the quality that represents the whole face of the person as compared to particular parts.

Many men prefer a holistic view and their perception to things and therefore a woman is more attractive or beautiful when all the body features are pleasant.

  1. Beauty as projection and fulfillment of wishes

For instance, you may find women with long and attractive hair very beautiful and attractive because what you fancy is projected in that.

  1. Beauty as charm and innocence

A personality that is charming with confidence is rather more attractive than a dull one A highly attractive person has the ability to attract people with their personality. Beauty is also advantageous in the social scene, in that people who are good looking are also successful socially because they get recommendations and positivity from other people.

  1. Beauty as a conception of a given culture and society

As society changes with time, beauty conceptions also change and beauty perceptions varies differently in cultures. For instance, Western societies consider dark skin to be attractive whereas Eastern societies consider whiter skin to be attractive. Western cultures consider hips and women’s lips to be attractive whereas Eastern cultures consider feet and hair.